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CONFOUND Art Exhibition poster

Zangmo Alexander experimenting with large scale meditation based drawing during Lonely Arts Club Project Week at The Old Shoe Factory, St Mary's Works, St Marys Plain, Norwich NR3 3AF. Large scale, performative, installation drawing was an exciting new departure in Zangmo's mixed media art which she will develop for the LAC group show in June 8th-18th.

This art and meditation practice involved not only being aware of what I could feel, see, hear but also also being aware of what I was thinking and feeling. Plus just resting in awareness itself. With this practice, I was not trying to stop thoughts, which are impossible to stop anyway. Everything is meditation as long as I'm not lost in my experiences. So for example, when I held the meditation bowl, I became aware that if I held it higher, it could hide my double chin from the camera. I commented on this to Pema, who was filming me. Then, amused by the vanity of all this, I laughed, was aware of laughing, let it all dissolve and returned to awareness practice. So anything is meditation if one is aware. Awareness is meditation. 

The same with the broom drawing sequence. Just aware, doing and being together.

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