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Zangmo Alexander


01379 897393 or email

I have a particular interest in artistic creativity as a support for mindfulness, meditation and spiritual growth. This has evolved over 20 years as an artist in professional studio practice and in nurturing, challenging and facilitating the personal and creative development of young people and adults in colleges and private practice. 


With a Masters Degree in Fine Art, I am a fully qualified art teacher (with full QTS), and a mindful creativity coach with a long term background in mindfulness and Buddhist meditation practices, including being a Buddhist nun for seven years.


Over 20 years as a self-employed professional artist, teacher and coach have given me a strong understanding of the nuances of balancing all the challenges facing a fine artist. 


An invited speaker at conferences, art organisations and on Channel 4, I accept invitations to speak on and run workshops, seminars and courses on the following subjects:

  • Art as part of a spiritual path

  • Contemporary art and secular mindfulness practices

  • Contemporary art and Buddhist or secular meditation practices 

  • Introduction to traditional Tibetan Buddhist Thangkha painting practice

  • Developing a creative practice as a visual artist, including creating a business plan

  • Mindful approaches to working with creative blocks and resistances

One-to-One Tutoring, Mentoring and Coaching

I offer inspiring, encouraging and thoughtful guidance, mentoring, tuition and coaching in a range of vocational and non-vocational settings including group seminars, individual tutorials and mindful creativity coaching. 

Enquiries: or 01379 897393

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