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Private Creative Art Lessons, Art Courses, Art Workshops and Art Retreats completely personalised for your own interests, needs and aspirations

Art Lessons online from anywhere on this planet and in person in Suffolk UK

Everything is Personalised for You:

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced.

Zangmo Alexander is a qualified, encouraging, inspiring teacher, artist and mindful creativity coach
who will help you work out what you'd like to learn and explore.

Learn at your own pace, with homework options if you'd like this.

Lessons are at times to suit you, and you pay as you go, so no upfront termly fees.

Try new art materials FREE to find out what interests you:

Explore exciting ways of experimenting with art materials FREE,
including graphite, soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolour pencils, ink, watercolour, acrylics, oils, collage, mixed media, photomontage, monoprinting

Explore creative approaches to making art

No one 'right' way to do art - you can explore representational, expressive and abstract approaches.

Free yourself from copying: learn skills and confidence to do art in your own way.

Learn to have fun and play while expressing yourself!

Enquiries: 01379 897393, | 044 (0) 1379 897393 | Studio: Botesdale, UK

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